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Bicycle Wheels
Bicycle Wheels
Bicycle Wheels

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Bicycle wheels are by far one of the most important components of a bicycle. Without them connecting the rider to the road surface, cycling would not be possible at all. Knowing this, it is also worthwhile to note that due to the fact that surfaces vary in terms of quality there is a need for different wheels to tackle different terrain.

The need for different wheels to tackle different terrain exists and for the most part has been met. Manufacturers have brought different wheels to the market in a bid to ensure that cycling enthusiasts are able to access what they need from light and fast road racing to rigid and bulky mountain biking.

Buying the right bicycle wheels translates into a great cycling experience with the necessary reliability placed on the wheels to perform.

Getting the Right Wheels

As stated, your cycling style dictates the type of wheels needed for the cycling activities you are looking to engage in. as such, carefully assess the needs of your cycling style before you even go to the bike shop to check out the available stock. Even for slightly similar riding styles as seen in road racing bikes and cyclo-cross bikes you still need a slightly differentiated tire for the rougher terrain in cyclo-cross.

Hybrid and Commuter Bike Wheels

For hybrid and commuter bikes the wheels used tend to reflect a cross between road racing bicycle wheels and their heavier counterparts the mountain biking variety. This is because they are mean to be used on both smooth roads and slightly rougher terrain. Their design is streamlined as with road racing bikes and heavier as with mountain bike wheels, this makes for a great combination when it comes to pricing. The slim build provides for lower rolling resistance for faster travel while the bulkier build will get you through heavy shopping loads and potholes as well as a little off-roading.

Wheels for Mountain Biking

Tip: Inspect your bike first!

Bicycle Wheels

Before you rush off to the bike shop for some new bike wheels, you need to inspect it first to get an idea of what you have. Wheel size, hubs, rear wheel gear cassette etc. will all be affected by the new upgrade and you should know whether what you have in mind is possible.

As a standard, mountain bike tires tend to be rough as the terrain they are to be used on. So, since that is already taken care of, what else should you look for in these wheels?

Cross country mountain biking is one of the slightly varied styles in mountain biking. Since it is mainly conducted on a long stretch of rough terrain, single track, light but strong wheels are necessary.

Downhill mountain biking is slightly different from the above style as it tests both the rider and the bike, and with it the wheels. In this case, the wheels need to be wider for better stability while the hubs are bigger to increase strength given the testing terrain. These wheels tend to be heavier but this is especially great for stability purposes.

Cross and Road Bikes

Road racing bikes are designed to ride as fast as possible and in the achievement of this goal the wheels are supposed to be light and streamlined. Since road bikes are usually used for long racing trips then you will want to have wheels that not only gather speed but are durable to get you there hassle free. In fact you may have to sacrifice a bit of weight for the added durability. Road surfaces vary and being ready for anything you will be faced with is the best way to get you through without any trouble.

My personal favorite here is the Mavic Aksium, they come with the benefits of being heavier and affordable as well; best of all they can take a beating from tough roads and survive most of the time.

Road Racing Wheels

All that matters here is speed. The wheel chosen here should be equipped to achieve an aerodynamic shape and reduce the weight of the bike and rider together. Better ball bearings will also enhance the riding experience by making the ride smoother. The Campagnolo Shamal is a great wheel to consider here due to the fact that it is lighter and comes with superior ball bearings for a smooth and super-fast ride. They also have a deep dish design.

Events like triathlons, time trials and road races have the best wheels in the deep dish design. These wheels show their true value past the thirty miles per hour speed mark with the deep rim design showing its value. Zipp and Reynolds are among the most respected companies when it comes to deep dish wheels. We have a dedicated guide on how to buy bicycle tires and tubes if you want more information on it.

Repairing your Wheels

Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle wheels are always moving rapidly and one way or the other something is going to get damaged. The two main problems bikes can have include:

  • Broken spokes which require more work and should be taking to a repair shop.
  • An uneven wheel which requires truing; this requires investigation into the cause first.

Wheel repair is serious business and should only be done by a professional or even more damage will be inflicted on the wheel.

Where to Buy Bicycle Wheels?

If you are interested in buying bicycle wheels you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Wheels
Bicycle Wheels

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