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Mountain Bike Shocks
Mountain Bike Shocks

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When it comes to mountain bikes, today most come with mountain bike shocks designed to get you safely and comfortably over rocks and roots along the trail. We have full suspension and front suspension or hard tail mountain bikes available depending as per the buyer’s preference.

One of the main factors to consider when it comes to mountain bike shocks is the travel. This refers to the maximum distance of compression usually seen on the shock itself. Another factor to consider is the brake type on your bicycle. With most mountain bikes coming equipped with disc brakes today, it can be difficult to find suspension forks that come built for rim brake mounts.

Importance of a Rear Shock

If you are looking to buy a new mountain bike then you will have to consider whether you want a soft tail or hard tail bike. These two are optimized for different riding styles and will have different prices meaning that you will need to carefully consider the best option. Note that the terrain you will be riding on determines the type of bicycle you should choose.

Mountain Bike Type Terrain Rear Suspension Travel (inches)
Dedicated Mountain 4-6
Hard Tail Smooth trail zero
Downhill Steep inclines, large obstacles and high drops 7 and above
Cross Country Roots and Rocks, single track 3-4

It is important to remember that full suspension bikes will weigh more as compared to their hard tail counterparts due to the extra weight of the rear shock. This will also have an effect on the energy required to get the bike moving.

Types of Mountain Bike Shocks

Did you know…?

Mountain Bike Shocks

Did you know that bike manufacturers don’t build shocks?

Bike manufacturers usually turn to specialized suspension manufacturers for the highest quality shocks. These manufacturers include RockShox, Marzocchi, SR Suntour Manitou etc.

This ensure the best build for the best value to buyers.

Rear mountain bike shocks come in three varieties including, air, metal spring or both. Air suspension shocks are lighter when compared to their spring counterparts. This makes them a favored addition on mountain bikes.

Tougher metal spring shocks tend to be heavier when compared to the air shocks and are mainly used on heavy duty downhill mountain bikes which require consistent high strength and durable shocks.

A great addition to rear mounted shocks is the lock out mechanism which enables the rider to lock out the use of the shock when they are not in use or required when riding. This tends to be quite useful in helping deal with any excess bobbing motion.

Does Rear Suspension Affect the Ride Quality?

Obviously if you are looking for rear suspension mountain bikes you must be interested or already involved in mountain biking. A rear suspension bike helps you make the jump into mountain biking with the necessary tools in hand. The rear shock will help you:

  • Raise the level of ride comfort.
  • Facilitate constant contact of the wheels to the ground for better power transfer.
  • Taking the shocks of making higher jumps when riding.
  • Increase the level of maneuverability and traction by keeping the wheels grounded more on uneven terrain.

When you take to riding down rough terrain at high speed on your mountain bike you will notice that the rear wheel keeps bobbing around to maintain contact with the ground. Power transfer to the ground will feel more efficient and you will definitely be glad for it. Mountain bikers will notice a superior ability to maintain themselves on their bikes and not always flying off their bikes when tackling rough and uneven terrain as is the case when using hard tail bikes.

Where to Buy Mountain Bike Shocks?

If you are interested in buying mountain bike shocks you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Buying Mountain Bike Shocks on eBay

Last Word About Mountain Bike Shocks

Full suspension bikes are not mandatory for all cyclists. Only those who regularly find themselves tackling bumpy terrain will be able to utilize and consequently appreciate the use of the rear suspension.

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