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Shimano Bicycle Components
Shimano Bicycle Components
Shimano Bicycle Components

Find Shimano bicycle components Online

As one of the most well recognized bicycle brands in the world, Shimano bicycle components are a mainstay on most high performance bikes. They manufacture high quality parts and components to enhance the performance and bicycle riding experience for riders. Another great thing about Shimano bicycle parts is the fact that they are so popular that they are found in most bicycle supplies stores and online as well. Let’s take a look at some of the components made by this manufacturer that you can use to enhance the performance on your bicycle.

Did you know…?

Shimano Bicycle Components

Did you know that Shimano has an electronic shifting option available?

For those who would like even more convenience when it comes to shifting through their mountain bike gears, using the Shimano XTR Di2 will totally change your bike riding experience. It uses a digital plat form to manage gear shifting for you.

Shimano Mountain Bike Components

Shimano mountain bike components are divided into various product categories these include:

Shimano Deore

This category is designed to offer the entry level mountain biking components for light mountain biking, recreational riding and commuting as well.

Included Components

  • Compact cog wheel set
  • 9 speed gear rating
  • Front derailleur made of steel and aluminum
  • Rear derailleur made of partial aluminum

Shimano Deore LX

Shimano describes this as a cut above the entry level Deore, mainly meant for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Included Components

  • 9 speed
  • Parallel push linkage brakes
  • Chromoly steel axle on the bottom bracket.
  • A larger cog wheel set
  • Two aluminum chain rings on the crank

Shimano Deore XT

This represents the hardcore level for mountain bikers. The parts in this category are characterized by high quality and durability. They are also lighter for better performance when riding in races.

Included Components

  • 9 speed gearing
  • The Crank has three alloy chain rings
  • The rear derailleur comes with a full aluminum body, pivot, and seal on one pulley as well as stainless steel bearings on the wheel hubs.
  • The cog set features a chrome finish.

Shimano XTR

This is the elite category in the entire Shimano offering. Since it is designed for the best performance and with high quality materials it is quite pricey. All components in this line are designed to be ultra-light and strong for the best performance. These components are only meant for the high performance cycling and any use below this threshold is wasteful.

Components Include:

  • Polished bearing for the front hub
  • Larger chain rings on the crank as well as a rear cassette with more gears
  • A titanium axle and stainless steel bearings on the rear hub
  • A cold forged body and seals on both pulleys on the rear derailleur

Where to Buy Shimano Bicycle Components?

If you are interested in buying Shimano bicycle components you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Buying Shimano Bicycle Components on eBay

Last Word About Shimano Bicycle Components

If you are looking to upgrade your bike it is important to ensure that you only use components that go well together. Many people make the mistake of upgrading different parts of their bikes one at a time. This results in using miss-matched parts which counter the effect of each other resulting in no enhancement in the bike’s performance level.

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