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suspension seat post
suspension seat post
suspension seat post
suspension seat post

Find a suspension seat post Online

If you are a regular cyclist then you can attest to the tiring and uncomfortable nature of cycling long distances on regular bicycle seats this is unheard of for those using a suspension seat post.

If you have been experiencing back pain as a result of your back being forced to absorb the constant bumps and knocks of regular riding then this is your best option at having a comfortable riding experience.

Why a Suspension Seat Post?

  • Riding in comfort especially when you experience back pain issues
  • Suited to riding in rough terrain
  • These are recommended for tandem bikes
  • Help you maintain control and concentration during long distance riding

Tip: Go to the bike store with your bike

Suspension Seat Post

For the suspension seat post to work as designed, it must be below in place firmly on to the bicycle frame. Seat posts are fitted on the bicycle frame using clamps and an ill-fitting seat post will result in regular slippage.


When you go shopping or researching for a suspension seat post you will find different designs with the main ones being telescoping or linkage. Let’s look at what it is exactly you will need when it comes to these two different designs.

Linkage/Thudbuster Seat Posts

suspension seat post - -Thudbuster Seatpost

This design features a parallel linkage of levers/arms held together by an elastomer in between them. The design is preferred due to the fact that it minimizes wear and tear during use. It is also put in place with the necessary set back required depending on the requirements of the cyclist and their riding style.

Telescoping Seat Posts

suspension seat post - Telescoping seat posts

This design consists of an inner tube inserted in an outer tube. This allows them to have their characteristic low profile. The suspension action is provided by a spring or elastomer within the working mechanism. Telescopic seat posts tend to be susceptible to wear and tear during use. They also allow for minimal setback due to the use of saddle clamps.

When setting up the suspension seat posts it is necessary to set the preload adjustment before it is ready to use. The preload is always equal to the rider’s weight to avoid any excessive bobbing when riding on relatively level ground. The seat posts are only supposed to provide the suspension action when riding in rough terrain.

Installation Guidelines

When it comes to setting up the seat post on your bicycle make sure you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. This will help you avoid any chance of snapping or breaking the seat post during riding due to an improper fit on the bike frame. Look to getting the help of a bicycle mechanic to help with the installation if you are not confident of your installation skills and to ensure everything is as it should be.

Buying a Suspension Seat Post Online

If you are interested in buying a suspension seat post you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

suspension seat post
suspension seat post

Buying a Suspension Seat Post on eBay

Suspension Seat Posts on YouTube

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