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Thudbuster Seatpost
Thudbuster Seatpost
Thudbuster Seatpost

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Riding a bicycle no longer has to leave your back, bum and nether regions feeling sore and even in pain with the new Thudbuster seat post. This revolutionary design has been designed to provide the smoothest ride with top of the range innovation for quality bicycle suspension. For those riding slightly or even highly uncomfortable hard tail bikes, then trying out this new comfort accessory should be an easy decision.

Did you know…?

Thudbuster Seatpost

Did you know that the Thudbuster comes in standard seat post diameters?

The Thudbuster comes in a variety of diameters for the perfect fit on your bicycle. When you go out to shop for the perfect Thudbuster seat remember to look at the existing seat post for the measurements.

If you cannot find the measurements, you can take the entire seat post with you to the bike shop for the measurements to be taken.

Types of Thudbuster Seat Posts

Depending on the type and size of your bicycle seat post, you can find different variations. These are differentiated by the travel on each.

Cane Creek 3G Thudbuster Short Travel Seat Post

This seat post is designed for use on shorter bike frames, shorter cyclists and tandem bikes as well. They are not designed for long suspension travel but are usually quite comfortable.

Crane Creek 3G Thudbuster

This variant as opposed to its counterpart mentioned above is a long travel seat post. This translates to a more comfortable ride and hence less fatigue during cycling outings. Being the third generation in the line-up it comes with user maintainable pivots and strong attachment bolts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they designed to fit all bikes and saddles?

The Thudbuster seat post is designed to fit perfectly on any bike frame notwithstanding the size and rider’s height. Both tall and short riders can make their pick of the long or short travel seat posts and hence find their perfect fit.

The suspension seat post can be used with any bicycle saddle including the ISM Adamo Typhoon Saddle. Note that the seat post and suspension system are both tied into one unit and cannot be separately used.

Does the seat post affect the rider’s control, pedaling and handling?

This never happens with the Thudbuster seat post. The suspension system is designed to maintain a smooth ride by moving down every time the rear wheel is raised by road bumps and then get back up when the back on flat ground.

How About Heavier Cyclists

The Thudbuster suspension seat post is designed to work with any weight. The package comes with two elastomers. The rider can interchange them depending on their weight as well as riding preference. The purple elastomer tends to be firmer as compared to the lighter weight Cane Creek Thudbuster Elastomer.

Where to Buy a Thudbuster Seatpost?

If you are interested in buying a Thudbuster seatpost you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Buy a Thudbuster Seatpost on eBay

Last Word About Thudbuster Seatposts

The Thudbuster seat post is a must have for all regular cyclists. It comes highly recommended for cyclists who want to experience a comfortable ride. Since they are not so easy to find they tend to a bit pricey, but are worth every cent.

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