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Tubeless Bicycle Tires
Tubeless Bicycle Tires
Tubeless Bicycle Tires

Selected tubeless bicycle tires Online

Although tubeless bicycle tires have been around for a while now, there has been a raging debate on whether they are better than their counterparts that use bicycle inner tubes. It is worthwhile to consider the benefits of using each variation so as to decide which the best for your bike is.

Tubeless vs. Tube

Action Tube Tires Tubeless Tires
Weight Tube tires tend to be heavier than tubeless tires when fitted on a bicycle. They are lighter as compared to their tube counterparts.
Traction Must be used in high pressure which reduces the surface area in contact with the surface hence limiting traction. The can be sued with lower pressure without any risk of pinch flats and hence have a larger surface area in contact with the ground to increase traction.
Cost Easier to repair inner tubes or replace them. Expensive to purchase and difficult to repair.
Convenience Inner tubes are easy to repair when they get punctures. They are also small enough to carry around in a compact seat post bag. Tubeless tires are very difficult to repair when they get large punctures. It is also difficult to carry around a spare tire as it cannot be folded up.
Inflation Air is inflated into the inner tube. Air is inflated into the tire directly.
Durability The inner tube is susceptible to punctures. These tires usually have a reinforced inner surface to reduce the risk of punctures. Their stronger build means that they are more durable.

Tip: Soapy water helps installing tubeless bicycle tires

Tubeless Bicycle Tires

Some people who are new to using tubeless bicycle tires may have a problem properly installing them. spray some soapy water on the tire along the bicycle rim to get the tire installed with the least hassle.

Buying Tubeless Bicycle Tire

Below we will look at some of the features to look out for when shopping for tubeless tires to ensure that you get the best functionality out of them.

Highly Reinforced Casing

Since with tubeless tires the only spare is the tire itself, which is quite bulky and inconvenient to carry around as a spare, you will need to shop for the most durable and hard to puncture variety. A perfect example here is the Hutchinson Toro Hard skin Tubeless Bicycle Tire. It is designed to withstand punctures for as long as possible.


A self-healing tubeless tire is better at sealing up small punctures as opposed to having to replace a whole tire due to a single puncture. A perfect example here is the Hutchinson Atom Tire.

Traction Properties

Tubeless tires are able to run on lower pressure much safer than their other counterparts. This means that you enjoy higher traction. The Hutchinson Cobra Tubeless Light Mountain Bike Tire is one of the perfect examples in this regard.

Where to Buy Tubeless Bicycle Tires?

If you are interested in buying tubeless bicycle tires you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Tubeless Bicycle Tires
Tubeless Bicycle Tires

Buying Tubeless Bicycle Tires on eBay


After reading this page you now have enough information on tubeless tires to help you decide which part of the debate you will choose and whether you will try them on your bike. You can find out more information on these tires on this page.

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