Best Bicycle Helmet
Best Bicycle Helmet

Which is the best bicycle helmet?

There’s no doubt about the importance of a helmet to a rider. It protects the most important part of the cyclist’s body. Besides the crucial role this piece of riding gear plays, it is a legal requirement for cyclists in some places. If you value your head you will want to get the best bicycle helmet available. But does this necessarily mean paying an arm and a leg?

How To Get The Best Bicycle Helmet

Like any other item you shop for, you will find an endless array of options when you start shopping for a helmet. You will find helmets of different shapes, colors and sizes from brands like Giro, Fox and Schwinn. If you’re new to riding you might be unfamiliar with the reputations of these manufacturers so you can refer to the criteria below:

Level of Protection

Protection being the primary function of a helmet, you will want to know what features the helmet has to keep your head safe from impact. Most every other helmet is made from expanded polystyrene and the outer shell and inner layer are molded together for extra strength. But for mountain biking, which exposes the rider to additional risk, helmets are equipped with extra protective systems such as Mips. Mipsadds an extra protective layer between the outer shell and inner lining.


As you’re pedaling hard on the road your body will want to release some heat and the head is a surface through which this also happens. Ventilation in a helmet is therefore an important in keeping your body temperature in check. This is why you’ll see most bicycle helmets decorated with vents on the outer shell. The best bicycle helmet is not the one with the most ‘holes’, but the one able to provide optimal cooling and comfort to the rider. In general mountain biking helmets will have larger vents as the speed in this style of riding is usually slower than in road biking.


If the helmet does not comfortably fit onto your head you will not be able to exert yourself fully on the road. So be sure to get a properly fitted helmet; one that goes about halfway down your forehead as well as covers most of the back of your head. You should also be able to comfortably strap your helmet in place without the straps getting in your way as you ride.


Choosing the right color of biking helmet is more than just a matter of personal taste. If you will be commuting using your bike or be doing most of your biking on roads, it is wise to have a brightly colored helmet so that motorists can easily spot you.

Special Features

Buying a helmet with a rounded outer shell is a good idea as it has less of a chance of getting caught in the event of a fall. If you will be riding under intense sunlight the best bicycle helmet will be the one with a visor to protect your eyes from the glare.

Find the Best Bicycle Helmet

Helmet Model Comments Price & Score
Best Bicycle Helmet Schwinn Trasher This is the best bicycle helmet if you’re looking for superior protection from something that is light and comfortable at the same time.


Best Bicycle Helmet Schwinn Intercept The Schwinn Intercept is surely one of the best bicycle helmets available today and it’s definitely worth buying no matter what your budget.


Best Bicycle Helmet Giro Indicator It’s both light as well as aerodynamic. There are plenty of other features too that make it one of the best choices,


Best Bicycle Helmet Fox Flux Only buy this helmet if you’re going to be riding along the mountains really often because for any other purpose there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.


Where to Buy The Best Bicycle Helmet?

Here are some recommended e-stores where you can buy cycling helmets are:

Best Bicycle Helmet
Best Bicycle Helmet
Best Bicycle Helmet
Best Bicycle Helmet

Books About Cycling Melmets and Cycling Safety

For more information on cycling helmets and about cycling safety you are invited to take a look at these selected books:

Best Bicycle Helmet
Best Bicycle Helmet
Best Bicycle Helmet

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