The Best Bicycle Lock
The Best Bicycle Lock

If we lived in a perfect world you’d be able to park you bike wherever, go do your business, and come and find it in one piece. Unfortunately that is not the case and so bicycle owners need to make space in their budget for a little item called a bicycle lock. This device is especially important for you if you use your bike for your daily commute. Don’t be among those making up the sad statistic of the number of bikes stolen every year, get your cherished bike a lock.

Getting The Best Bicycle Lock


Yes you want to give your bike the best protection, but how bulky is the lock you’re ordering? This is a balance owners of bikes have to grapple with. The D-lock is a great security mechanism and is preferred by many bike owners to padlocks as its bar presents potential thieves a stiffer challenge than a chain. However, its shape and rigidity make it a burden to carry with you when out riding. A heavy duty chain and padlock are less rigid but are heavy, especially if you want a set that’s difficult to cut through. Cable locks are the most readily portable but may not be the sturdiest.


If you’re thinking about buying a lock that’s fastened by key ask yourself how easy it is to pry the lock open. There was a brand of lock that was infamous in the past for how easily it could be opened using a ball-point pen. Another disadvantage of key-based locks is that there is the possibility of you losing the keys. Even that spare can get lost. For this reason many riders opt for locks fastened by number or letter combinations.


How quickly can you get off, lock your bike and get on with your business? The best bicycle lock is one that is firm against possible breaching and can be easily closed and opened.

Length of Service

How long will it take before the lock starts jamming and becoming a menace to open or close? While you it’s hard to tell how long a lock will serve you, you can make it last longer by greasing it up regularly and making sure it stays free of water.

Security Rating

Be sure to look at the security rating given to a lock by its manufacturer before investing in it. On top of this, try and find the lock’s Sold Secure rating. This is a rating given by an independent body that’s part of the Master Locksmiths Association. The best cycling lock is one with a good rating from both sources.


Locks range in price depending on the brand and the quality of the product. While it is tempting to go for what is most affordable, it would be a shame for you to lose an expensive bike all because you bought it a cheap lock. So spend as much as you can and get a quality lock that will serve you for years to come.

Find the Best Bicycle Lock

Lock Model Comments Price & Score
The Best Bicycle Lock Kryptonite Evolution Mini U-Lock This is surely one of the best bicycle locks that you’d be able to get your hands on.


The Best Bicycle Lock Wordlock 4-Letter Combination Bike Lock If you’re looking for short term safety, this lock is amazing


The Best Bicycle Lock Kryptonite 997986 U-lock If safety is your top priority – this is one of the best bicycle locks out there.


The Best Bicycle Lock Kryptonite Chain and Disc Lock This is surely one of the best bicycle locks when it comes to chain designs.


Where to Buy The Best Bicycle Lock?

The best place to buy the best bicycle lock is one of these recommended e-stores:

Best Bicycle Lock
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