Best Bike Trainer
Best Bike Trainer

Which is the best bike trainer for your needs?

The sun will not always be out and smiling on your bike ride. It may begin to blizzard on your chosen cycling day or there might be an unbearable heat wave outdoors. Do you take the excuse to skip the day’s biking session? No, not when you can continue your training indoors. A bicycle trainer, also known as a bike stand trainer, makes it possible to bike indoors on your beloved bike, even when you don’t have a good excuse to do so. Given that there are several different trainers out there, you need some pointers to help you choose the best bicycle trainer for your needs.

Types of Bicycle Trainers

Before we look at the selection criteria for the best bicycle trainer, you need to know the different categories of trainers that exist. They provide resistance in different ways.

Fluid: Those looking for a trainer that’s not noisy and that has adjustable resistance should consider a fluid trainer. They work by combining the magnetic flywheel with fluid chambers which produce the resistance.

Magnetic: These trainers are also quite silent. It works by adding a magnetic flywheel which creates resistance on the rear wheel.

Wind: If you want an indoors cycling experience that’s as close as possible to your ride outdoors the wind trainer is your best bet. This type of trainer works using a fan powered by your own legs. They are the cheapest of the trainers.

Rollers: This functions in a totally different way from the other kinds of trainers. Your unattached bike is simply set on top of three cylinders.

Take a look at this complete list of bicycle trainers:

Choosing The Best Bicycle Trainer

Given the wealth of options in the type of trainer available and the multiplicity of companies which produce them, making a decision on which one to take home can prove tricky. Here are some considerations to help you make a decision.


This may yet prove the most important of the decision-making factors. Many bikers head to stores looking to spend the least amount of money as they are not sure how many times they’ll need to use the trainer. But as with any other commodity, the amount you’rewilling to spend will determine whether or not you’ll get the best bicycle trainer. Wind trainers are the cheapest but they are also the noisiest.

Level of Resistance

Another con with wind trainers is that they offer a limited degree of resistance. This therefore will not be the best bicycle trainer for a rider looking to push themselves hard. Magnetic trainers also have the same limitation. A fluid trainer would be a better option for you if you’re such a biker.

Ease of use

You might not want to invest in rollers as they require a very refined pedal stroke for you to keep your balance while using them. There is also the question of setting up the trainer and removing it. If this proves too challenging it might dent your appetite for indoor training, resulting in a wasted investment.

Find the Best Bike Trainer

Trainer Model Comments Price & Score
Best Bike Trainer Wind CyclOps Bike Trainer It’s really cool as it offers stepped up resistance to suit your needs.


Best Bike Trainer Cycle Ops Aluminum Roller Trainer It’s got plenty of cool features that would make riding on it enjoyable.


Best Bike Trainer CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer It’s silent and also easy to fold. It also possesses plenty of other features which makes it rank among the best.


Best Bike Trainer Kurt Kinetic Trainer If you want to feel like you’re driving on a road when you’re actually indoors, the Kinetic Road Machine by Kurt is just for you.


Best Bike Trainer i-Genius Virtual Reality Tacx Trainer The Tacx i-Genius uses state of the art software which lets you train on various tracks against other users (online) or you could compete against virtual users.


Best Bike Trainer Minoura Bike Trainer If you’ve got a sports bike or any other higher end model that has really expensive tyres, you’re going to need a rim drive trainer and this model is one of the top in this range.


Where to Buy The Best Bicycle Trainer?

The best place to buy bicycle trainers is one of these recommended e-stores:

Best Bike Trainer
Best Bike Trainer
Best Bike Trainer

Books About Bicycle Training & Bicycle Trainers

For more information on bicycle training & bicycle trainers, you are invited to take a look at these selected books:

Best Bike Trainer
Best Bike Trainer
Best Bike Trainer

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