Kryptonite U Lock - The Best Bicycle Lock?

The Kryptonite U-Lock range of locks is known for their robustness and ease of use and the Kryptonite U-lock is no different. Its manufacturer rates this lock very highly and you can tell it is a quality product just by looking at it. Kryptonite built this lock to stand up to thieves on the busy streets of New York and all the signs are there that it can do a job.

Rating: 5.0


  • Crowbar wielding and bolt-cutting thugs will find it difficult getting past the 18mm maximum performance steel.
  • Has double deadbolt locking for added security.
  • Comes with three keys, one with a bulb for use after dark.
  • Sliding cover protects the lock from water and dust.
  • Built for high-crime areas by a manufacturer with a history of making effective locks for bikes, scooters and motorcycles.


  • This lock qualifies as quite expensive.
  • It is a weighty device that cyclists will find cumbersome to carry.

Overall security

Kryptonite has given this product the maximum rating on its own security scale. The features on the Kryptonite U-lock are designed to thwart would-be thieves in places with a reputation for crime. The lock is heavy, heavy duty, with a sleeve made from hardened 18-millimeter steel. On top of this it has a double deadbolt locking system contained in a disc-style cylinder. The product has been tested against all sorts of theft devices and come up trumps.


Ease of Use

There’s nothing complicated about using this lock; the key operates very smoothly.



The only downside to owning this lock is that it is quite heavy. Most bikers would complain about having to lug a 4.6-pound lock with them whenever they go out for a ride. Though the Kryptonite U-lock boasts excellent security features, its weight might discourage owners from putting it in their backpacks whenever they head out, defeating the whole purpose of buying it.



This lock has been deliberately designed to bring the efforts of thieves with whichever tool you can think of to naught. Besides the tough steel sleeve the size of the lock inhibits thieves from using a crowbar or car jack on it. An electric grinder would be the only way to efficiently cut through the lock and the thief would only succeed at the expense of the bike’s frame.


Value for Money

To say that the Kryptonite U-lock is one of the more pricey options in the market would not be far from the truth. However, those who have experienced the agony of losing a bike to thieves will want to close their eyes and just buy it once and for all. The security features it offers are second to none.


Final Verdict

There is a reason Kryptonite rate this product so highly, and why it is considered one of the best locks currently available. The 997986 is full of great security features to keep your bike safe in crime-prone areas.

So, is this Kryptonite lock is the best bicycle lock? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Overall Security 5.0
Ease of use 4.5
Portability 3.0
Design 5.0
Value for Money 5.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Kryptonite U-lock?

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Kryptonite U Lock
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