Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
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Rating: 4.0

If you’re one of those riders who go on long tours or race competitively, you need the right kind of glove to cope with that workload. The Pearl Izumi Elite Cycling Glove is made to keep you comfortable and in full control of your bike for hours and hours. They are designed to regulate the temperature of your hands regardless of the weather so you are able to focus on your performance. Its anatomic design ensures that your gloves are the perfect fit no matter what size.


  • Gloves are very light and comfortable.
  • Delivers good grip to keep you in control of the bike.
  • Good grip makes these gloves ideal for mountain biking.
  • Gloves are an excellent fit.
  • Keeps hands warm in cold weather and well ventilated during hot days.
  • Made by a company with a reputation for quality cycling gear.
  • Are quite reasonably priced.


  • A number of users complain of poor venting in the palm area.


Few people who have bought these gloves ever complain of discomfort. The gloves are light and come with padding on the palms. However, some say the padding is not adequate and experience a degree of discomfort as a result. A number of other owners of these gloves say that the padding wears out very quickly.



These gloves are anatomically designed to fit the hands well without leaving excess fabric or being too tight. Whichever size you wear, you will find the gloves slip in comfortably and take the shape of your hand.



One of the selling points of these gloves is the ventilation mechanism they have to keep your hands free of sweat. The Pearl Izumi Elite Cycling Glove comes with a clothing system to keep your hands warm when riding in low temperatures as well. Some Pearl Izumi Elite gloves come with fleece fabric on the thumb for wiping away sweat and mucus.



These gloves are sturdy and offer great protection from friction with the handle bars. In addition to this they are designed to keep the rider in control of the bike throughout their ride. For this reason they have good grip on the palms.



The gloves are washable and you can keep them clean by machine-washing or laundering them by hand just like any other item of clothing.


Value for Money

These gloves have a number of positives; they are reasonably comfortable and light and they regulate the temperature of your hands in both cold and warm conditions. And they have good grip as well. If you’re a competitive rider or do very long distances, you should consider investing in these gloves.


Final Verdict

Pearl Izumi Elite Cycling Gloves are for high performance riders and offer great functionality while sacrificing a bit of the comfort. If you’re an intense rider looking at your times, you should give these gloves a chance.

So, are these Pearl Izumi gloves are the best cycling gloves? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Comfort 2.5
Fir 5.0
Dryness 4.0
Protection 4.5
Maintainability 4.0
Value for Money 4.0

Final Score

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Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves
Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Gloves

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