Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves
Men’s cycling gloves
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Rating: 4.0

Pearl Izumi is a name synonymous with pedigree and history when it comes to cycling gear. There are numerous professional international racing teams that have endorsed their jerseys and shorts over the years. This means you can expect nothing short of excellent quality when it comes to their cycling gloves. The gloves come with Gel-Foam padding to keep your hands protected from the impact of bumpy trails but are also made of soft synthetic leather to keep you feeling comfortable. Made with ventilation and the right kinds of material, they keep your hands in the right temperature for optimal performance.


  • Those who are mountain bikers will appreciate the good grip these gloves give.
  • Come with a soft wiping surface on the thumb to let you deal with sweat on the go.
  • Gloves are very light and comfortable.
  • Build quality is good from a reputable manufacturer.
  • The gloves are priced fairly considering all the qualities they give the rider.
  • Gloves are designed for anatomic fit regardless of your size.


  • Padding is a little wanting in some models.
  • Some models have proven to be not very durable.


The gloves are light, weighing just a few ounces and they are made from materials that are easy on the skin. However, a few owners of Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves have complained that the padding is inadequate and that it diminishes too quickly for their liking.



Pearl Izumi gloves are known for their anatomical fit. Furthermore, there is a complete range of sizes of these gloves for men, women and children. As long as you select the right size when ordering, you won’t have to worry about excess material jeopardizing your grip. And when you fasten the Velcro strip at the wrist you should have no further concerns.



The part of the glove that covers the back of the hand is designed to keep out wind and water on cool or wet days. If you’ll be riding during the warm season you will be grateful for the ventilation built into Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves as this keeps your hands cool and free of sweat.



These gloves are designed to absorb the impact generated by uneven surfaces and hence the extra padding on the palms. Elite Softshell is provided on the back of some models to keep away water and wind.



Pearl Izumi cycling gloves can be laundered and they come complete with instructions on how to wash them without jeopardizing the fabric. Water and your usual laundry detergent should be enough to get rid of the nasty smell that is produced over time while keeping your gloves in good shape.


Value for Money

With Pearl Izumi you expect top notch quality; gloves that will give you comfort while giving you the grip you need to remain in full control of your bike. Generally if you want gloves with more features you should be prepared to spend more.


Final Verdict

Pearl Izumi’s range of cycling gloves has something for every kind of rider and every size of rider and you can always find something in your price range.

So, are these Pearl Izumi gloves are the best cycling gloves? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Comfort 3.0
Fir 5.0
Dryness 4.0
Protection 4.5
Maintainability 4.0
Value for Money 5.0

Final Score

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Pearl Izumi Select Gel Gloves
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Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Select Gel Gloves
Pearl Izumi Select Gel Gloves
Pearl Izumi Select Gel Gloves

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