i-Genius Virtual Reality Tacx Trainer

You want your cycling experience to be as close to reality as possible when you cannot go out because of the weather. It doesn’t get realer than the experience the Tacxi-Genius Virtual Reality Trainer offers you.

This trainer comes with an advanced computer program that creates a world in which you cycle out in the wild among the trees and under a blue sky. Here you can compete against other riders online while cycling on a variety of terrains. The trainer itself is heavy-duty and stable, operated by a computer-driven flywheel.

Rating: 3.5


  • You get to experience a virtual world and not the monotony of a plain room while cycling.
  • The Tacx Trainer software gives you many options to vary your ride.
  • Front wheel support and the sturdy frame ensure a stable ride.
  • Offers great simulations of courses which you can create yourself and use to push yourself to the max.


  • Is a very expensive piece of equipment.
  • A number of previous users have experienced issues with the software.
  • Setting up the software and hardware is a challenge.
  • It runs on electric power so you can’t use it without electricity.

Design & Performance

This trainer is made up of two main parts; the trainer frame and the Tacx software. The frame looks and feels solid and comes with a flywheel that is operated via computer. The beauty with this is that the flywheel can still generate a lot of resistance at low speeds unlike wind and fluid trainers which depend on how fast you pedal. What makes this product really stand out are the 3D simulations it offers to give a real world cycling feel. Competing against other riders virtually makes it even more thrilling.



Resistance in this trainer, unlike other kinds of trainers, is created by a computer-driven flywheel. This means you don’t have to rely on you own cadence to determine the level of resistance you get. However, this means the trainer is useless without electric power or if the computer malfunctions.


Noise levels

If you use the right kind of tires (professional sport tires), noise levels will remain low as the bike is gripped firmly.


Ease of use

A number of previous owners have complained about how complex and time-consuming setting up the trainer is. To mitigate this problem the manufacturer provides illustrated instructions on delivery and a video guide on their website. There is also customer support on call.



While the trainer boasts a sturdy frame, a number of users have experienced malfunctions after a short period of use, especially when cycling above 30mph.


Value for Money

This is one of the most expensive trainers out there today and it is obviously a huge risk buying it given the number of times previous buyers have complained about issues. However, you can always get help from the manufacturer’s support for any issues you encounter during installation or usage.


Final Verdict

You need to take a careful look at reviews of this product to decide if it is worth the financial risk.

So, is this Tacx trainer is the best bike trainer? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Design & Performance 4.0
Resistance 3.0
Noise levels 4.5
Ease of use 3.5
Durability 3.0
Value for Money 3.5

Final Score

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