Portable Viair Compressor

This pump is for you if you’re looking for a primary pump to have in your home or garage to fill up your tires before you leave. Like other pumps made by this manufacturer, the Viair 00073 is built to serve you reliably for many years. It is powered by a 15A power connection and has a capacity of 100psi. At 5.5 pounds, this is not the most portable pump available, but if you must move it you can put the pump in its deluxe bag and carry it.

Rating: 5.0


  • Is a quality product made by a company with a proven track record in making pumps.
  • It is a compact pump that you can easily carry from one place to another.
  • The pump is highly efficient and fills tires quickly.
  • Works relatively quietly.
  • It is straightforward to operate.
  • Powerful enough to fill everything from bike tires to lawn mower tires to car tires.


  • Being electrically powered, it will be of no use as a secondary pump, portable as it is.


This pump will quickly get your tires inflated with minimal fuss. You just need to connect it to a 15 Ampere power supply and keep its engine running while inflating the tires. It is able to fill up everything from bike tires to motorcycle tires to car tires. And without making much noise too.



Riders looking for a secondary pump should not have the Viair 00073 on their list. This pump is made for use at a place where it can be connected to a power supply. You don’t need power though to check the pressure on your tires as the gauge doesn’t need power to function. But it has been made nice and compact and comes with a nice bag to make transporting it easy. Another thing worth noting with the quality of this pump’s design is the accuracy of its gauge.



The Viair 00073 continues its parent company’s reputation for products that are built to last. A number of owners have had their pumps for four, five years and say that they’re still in perfect working condition.



The size of this pump makes it easy to move about. Its manufacturers sell this unit with a handy bag to make it even easier to carry.


Ease of Use

You can easily get your tires filled with air using this unit. All you need to do is plug it into the power socket and switch it on. The only tricky bit may be screwing on the gauge.


Value For Money

Most users of the 00073 are amazed at just how powerful it is for its size. They are also blown away by its build quality. With that in mind, and its longevity, this pump can rightly be said to offer real value. Small wonder it is one of Viair’s best selling models.


Final Verdict

With all the attributes this product offers it really is the bargain of the century.

So, is this Viair Portable Compressor is the best bicycle pump? – find out by yourself:

Category Score
Efficiency 5.0
Design 4.0
Durability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Ease of Use 4.5
Value For Money 5.0

Final Score

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